Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post Op Day 10

Today has been a great day! We had a good night sleep last night (a full 6 hours straight)! During the morning rounds today, the doctors discussed Zoey's weight. She has lost quite a bit here and has continued to loose. Zoey hasn't been eating too much which has been a big concern. The doctors decided to see how today went, but that she would probably eat much better at home. The hope is that we will go home tomorrow!
We have spent a lot of time today eating! Well, at least trying to eat. I am really hoping that tomorrow morning she will have gained and then they would for sure send us home! We had a lot of fun today eating and playing!
I see so many sad stories up here, that I think I often forget about how much good is done at this hospital. There are a lot of sad stories, but there are also so many very happy ones! I am so grateful we live so close to such a wonderful place!
I have some very cute pictures of today to post, but for some reason my card reader isn't working right now! I will have to post them tomorrow.

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Teresa said...

I was just thinking of you today and thought I would stop in and check on you and little Zoey! I'm so very glad she is doing so well, and I am so happy for the miracles that you have been able to witness! I will keep saying it: you have the best stories! Zoey is such an amazing little girl, and we are so lucky to have you as our friends and neighbors! Hope you come home tomorrow!