Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tomorrow....A little late!

Ok so in my last post, I said i would post again "tomorrow." Well, "tomorrow" has finally came! :)
Zoey is doing really well! We struggled for several weeks with super bad separation anxiety. For the first week, separation anxiety meant if I was further than arms reach. We worked to in the same room, and finally now I can leave her with a babysitter. She had separation anxiety at night too. She slept in our room in her pack-in-play for about 6 weeks after getting home. She started to sleep in her own bed just last week! :) Exciting day!
Having the oxygen hasn't been NEARLY as bad as I thought it was going to be. Zoey does very well with having it on, and actually gets mad when it comes out. It must make her feel tons better to have it in. The one thing I am not quite used to yet about the oxygen is going in public. Before, no one could even tell that there was anything wrong with Zoey. She looked like a normal baby. It is different now that everyone can tell just by looking at her that she has had problems. People make funny comments too, and I am getting used to all of that! I am glad that she isn't any older than she is, some comments I am glad she doesn't understand they are talking about her.
Zoey does so well about taking her medicine! When we open the fridge and she sees the meds, she will even reach for them! So funny!
We have really struggled with Zoey's weight and appeitie. I know that this is a normal "heart baby" thing and eventually, maybe, we will get her back on the chart. She still lost weight even after we got home. Then one week she gained 9 oz! We were thrilled. She has lost some of that though, and now weighs only 7 more oz than she did when we left the hospital. We add whipping cream to her whole milk, put butter on EVERYTHING, and try to get her to eat ANYTHING! I never thought I would feed my kid as much junk food as I do, but sometimes it is the only thing I can get into her mouth! Sometimes she even refuses all food including the junk! I give her a sippy with whole milk mixed with cream and chocolate carnation instant breakfast. It is SO GOOD! She hardly touches it! She has no idea how good she has it! :)
She really regressed after surgery with walking, but she caught back up to where she was last week. She is now walking all over the place! She talks a lot too, although it is difficult to make out any words of what she is saying. One of my favorite things she does is put my cell phone to her head and walks around the house just jabboring like crazy! So cute!
Well, we have a check up next week! I am very anxious for that! I need to post some pics soon, but I don't have my camera with me right now to do that!