Friday, August 20, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride-Post Op Day 2

Today has been hard. As soon as I got here I saw about 10 people around Zoey's bed. I knew that wasn't a good sign. Apparently they had taken her off the Nitric Oxide and she crashed. She also woke up and was a mad (who wouldn't be with all that stuff hooked up to her?!?). Her blood pressure and heart rate went up and her saturation levels went down to the 70's. They put her back on the Nitric Oxide, raised the oxygen back up to 100% and gave her more sedation meds.
Unfortunately, she hasn't been responding to her sedation meds as well today and she is even on higher doses than she was yesterday. She has woken up a lot when she isn't really supposed to be. It has been hard to watch her wake up and try to scream and cry, but nothing comes out. She is just silent because of the breathing tube. It breaks my heart.
The plan was to take the breathing tube out today...obviously that didn't happen. It won't happen until at least Sunday. She just needs more time. The left atrium in her heart has a lot of pressure right now, this is causing her lungs to be wet which causes her to need the breathing tube. Sigh.
She got a new addition today, her feeding tube. This tube is an NJ tube meaning it bypasses her stomach and goes straight into her intestines. She still feels hungry since her tummy doesn't have anything in it. At least she is getting nutrition :)
Positives about today:
1. She is getting nutrition
2. She is peeing better
3. Oxygen did go back down to 40
4. Heart rate and blood pressure is stable
5. She no longer needs the brain and kidney monitors. (This was the sticker on her forehead.)
5. She is passing gas. She had a lot of air in her stomach that was causing a lot of discomfort for her. She didn't start passing any of it until after feeds were started.
6. No fevers today
7. I don't think she looks as swollen and she did yesterday.
Oh that list does make me feel better! I had to ask the nurse for it cause it didn't feel like she had a good day, but maybe it was better than I thought. :)


Moffitt Fam said...

oh I hope she has a huge turn around soon! Still praying for that sweet girl!

Randi said...

I'm so glad that you can find the positive things and those ARE good. Hang in there all of you!

Dalling Family said...

I bet this is the craziest roller coaster you have ever been on. Give her a kiss for me. Hope everything goes better from here on out!

Kyle and Kamany said...

You are such a amazing person and Mom! I can't believe how strong and positive you sound. Your family will be in our prayers. Good Luck!