Friday, August 27, 2010

Post Op Day 9

Last night was a long night! After Zoey fell back asleep after vitials, she had a 2:00 AM feeding. That wasn't bad and she did fall back asleep afterwards. At 4 AM a lady came in to take her blood! Are you serious?!?! It is 4 AM and you are waking her up to poke her?!? Well, after that she was very upset and I couldn't get her to go back to sleep. At 5:30 AM I gave up on trying to get her to sleep because I knew she had an x-ray at 6:00 AM she would wake up for. As soon as I gave up on trying to get her to sleep, she fell asleep. It didn't last long because they were actually early coming to get her for her x-ray. We were done with x-ray by 6:00 AM and slept until 8! It was the longest block of sleep we got all night!
Zoey threw up her breakfast, but started keeping food down in the afternoon! She hasn't thrown up since! :) Eating has made all the differance in the world! We even got a few smiles today! They did take out Zoey's NG tube today. Not because she was eating well enough to take it out, but because they thought that she might not have been eating and drinking because she didn't feel like she needed to. I also felt like she was becoming to dependant on it. About an hour after they took it out Zoey started drinking!

I had friends from work come to visit today! Thanks Shannon and Nicole for the visit and thank you my team for the nice gifts!

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