Friday, November 20, 2009

Halloween...better late than never!

I decided that I need to learn to sew. I was determined to sew Zoey's costume without any help from my mom. I did however go to the store with my mom just to make sure I was getting the right things. I actually really enjoyed sewing this! I think this is the first project I have sewn with a pattern in forever that I didn't end up in tears from frustration! But...I didn't accomplish my goal. I ended up needing my mom's help for the hat. I was pretty happy with it overall though!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

KSL Story

Here is the link to our story! Click here

I am happy with the way it turned out! Thanks Jennifer and KSL!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Milk Allergy and Watch KSL

Everything at the hospital tested for came back negative which was a really good thing. Since they couldn't find anything they told us it was a milk allergy. We don't know for sure if she has a milk allergy, because they just told us that by default. We go into her Pediatrician on Wednesday to find out what he thinks about what kind of a diet we should have her on. The downfall of trying milk products again is that if she begins to have bloody stool again we would need to go back up to Primary's because there will always be that risk of NEC since she has the heart defect. Primary's suggested we keep her on a non dairy diet for now, and then in a couple months try again. I am thinking maybe keep her on a non dairy diet for a couple weeks and then try again because our insurance is changing at the end of the year and I would rather take the chance of another visit to Primary's this year.
She is such a happy baby! All the nurses at the hospital couldn't get over how often she was smiling and giggling! Here is a picture of her playing with her monitors. Ha Ha!

Watch KSL Wednesday night at 10:00 PM! Jennifer Stagg (same reporter that interviewed Stacey and Angela about Twilight) from KSL came over to our house today to do an interview with us about the meth apartment we moved into and about Zoey! Of coarse since they have shots of Zoey it will be a hit! :) Not that I am biased or anything! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Again!

I will update more later tonight, but I just wanted to do a short little post letting everyone know we are coming home. Details later, but they told us they think it is a milk allergy. So that is good news...I guess? At least that means she won't need another surgery!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back up at Primary's

Tuesday night Zoey started to not feel good. She woke up Wednesday morning with a diaper rash. Thursday came and her diaper rash got worse and started to blister and bleed so I took her to the doctors. They gave me a prescription strength cream and off we went. Early Friday morning she started to poop blood so we took her to the doctors as soon as they opened. They did some tests and said they thought everything would check out fine. They gave me a special non-dairy formula to feed her and sent us home. We weren't home for 30 minutes when they called back and said that her tests didn't turn out fine and that we needed to go up to Primary's right away.

We still aren't sure what is wrong yet. They are doing some tests, but we won't get the results back until tomorrow and some on Monday. There is a possibility she has Necrotizing Enterocolitis which is poor blood flow in the baby's intestines. This may lead to an infection in the wall of the intestine or bowel. It can cause a portion on her intestines to die in which case she will need surgery to have that portion of her intestines removed. They are also testing for a dairy allergy and infections.