Monday, August 23, 2010

Wonderful Day-Post Op Day 5

Last night after I posted, Zoey had some serious sedation issues. She was kicking and thrashing around like crazy and we couldn't calm her down for anything. She was given 2 extra doses each of Versed and Fentanyl. She was also given 2 other types of medicines (but I have no idea the names) and she was still crazy! After the 3rd extra doses of Versed and Fentanyl she finally fell back asleep. Normally after any extra dose of any of the sedation meds she goes right back to sleep, just not last night! Finally at 1 AM we left our sleeping baby and went home.

I slept in this morning and got back up here at about 11:30. Thanks Mom for getting here so early so I could sleep in! When I got up here they had taken out the other 2 drainage tubes! Yippie! She was once again awake, kicking and going crazy though. I talked to the nurse practitioner and she said they would be taking out the breathing tube in about an hour. Adam came up right away so he could be here when she was extubated! They took her off the sedation meds (well most sedation meds) to extubate. She was extubated at about 2:30! They also took out her NG tube (which was the tube helping to drain the air in her stomach). She is now on high flow oxygen and doing great on that!

Once she was extubated, they kept her off the sedation meds and she is still only on very small doses of them. It is so fun to have my little girl back! We were told she would regress after having this surgery, so I wasn't sure what to expect. At home, she loves sticking her feet in my or Adam's face and watch us give a very dramatic response in telling her how much her feet stink. She thinks this game is so funny and will often stick her feet in our face to watch our overly dramatic reaction. One of the first things she did when she woke up was put her feet in my face! It was so refreshing and relieving to me that my little girl came back so quickly. She didn't laugh or even smile with our game, but she kept doing it to me and also to Adam so she must have enjoyed it still. When her surgeon, Dr Kazza, came in she even tried sticking her feet in his face! Ha ha! Funny little girl!

When she was extubated she got mad and her heart rate would go between 200-210 bpm. Her heart rate stayed really high and stayed between 190-200 bpm for about 3 hours. At this point we were all getting very concerned (think about it....that is like running full speed for 3 hours!) and the nurse asked us to leave so that she wouldn't be over stimulated and would go to sleep. It worked! After we left she fell asleep and her heart rate went down into the 180's. We came back at about 8:30 PM and her heart rate was in the 170's. She fell asleep again and her heart rate went down into the 150's! Yippee!

Mommy getting to hold her baby for the first time since Wednesday!

Zoey started climbing out of my hands to get to her Daddy!

Zoey loves coloring and was trying so hard! Even with her boarded and taped hands!

We had a few visitors today! Mine and Adam's families come everyday but I still haven't gotten pictures of them! Bad me! We are very grateful to them for coming so much though!
Our friends and neighbors, Daniel and Natalie

My cousins, Mark and Katie
This is a picture Adam just took! Doesn't she look TONS better than she has all the other days?!?! She loves playing with her new stuffed dinosaur!

Zoey loves playing patty cake! She was trying so hard even with her boarded and taped hands!

Also, the Walk for Healing Hearts is on Saturday, September 11th. Check in is at 8:00 AM and it starts at 9:30 AM. The location is in Provo at the Riverview Park (4620 N 300 W). It is a one mile event to raise awareness for Congenital Heart Defects, the number one birth defect. Pre-register at before August 26th. Pre-registration cost: Individual $10 and Family (immediate only) $50.
Day of Race: Individual $20 and Family (immediate only) $80. Pre-register to ensure your shirt size!

PS- Happy Birthday Shelese! I hope you had a great day!


joseph said...

She looks so great! Glad to hear such good news!

Nanette Christensen

Stacey said...

I am SO glad that things are going well! Go Zoey! You are truly a miracle and we all love you so much!

Shelese said...

Thanks Rachie! I am glad that it was a good day for you as well!

Cheryl Winkel said...

Every time I read your updates on Zoey I get teary. I love how well she is doing.

Shayner and Ern said...

Oh man... She is doing well. Keep updating! If you guys need anything, please let us know.

Dalling Family said...

It was so good to see you...and she really does look much better! Thanks for the info on the walk...I'll be sure to check it out!

Randi said...

YAY! I am sooooo glad! looks like things are on their way back to normal (whatever that is right!?)