Thursday, August 26, 2010

Post Op Day 8-The Floor

We were transferred out of the ICU this morning! Wahoo! We are now on the third floor, Surgical Unit! Exciting!
Zoey has had a hard time keeping her formula down for a few days now. She has been able to keep down clear liquids, but beyond that she has thrown up. They tweaked a few things today with her formula, gave her a new NG feeding tube, and she has been set! She hasn't thrown up yet! Knock on wood! She has even had her first solid foods since Tuesday the 17th! She didn't have more than a few bites here and there, but it is improvement! She did seem excited to eat today for the first time. They did give her the choice of ice cream though, so who wouldn't have been excited?!? She had a little of yogurt, bananna, pudding, applesauce, crackers, and ice cream throughout the day.
She has been sleeping well today! Another thing to be happy about! She slept good last night and has taken several naps today as well. She did fall asleep at about 11 PM tonight and then the nurse came in at about 11:40 to do vitials. Ugh. She did fall back to sleep afterwards though so it was fine.
Zoey had some friends visit today! Randi brought up Garrett and Embrie! Zoey loved seeing them, but was frustrated she wasn't feeling good enough to play. Thanks for coming!

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