Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RSV Shot

Zoey's peditrition doesn't want me to take Zoey out yet until after RSV season is over, which hopefully will be soon. We went in today for her (hopefully last) RSV vaccine. The vaccine only lasts 28 days, so we have been going in every 4 weeks for this shot. Zoey loves playing with the toys at the doctors, but I think soon she will start remembering what going to the doctors means! Zoey usually does very well with shots and doesn't cry more than 30 seconds. Today, she screamed bloody murder for 20 minutes until she finally fell asleep! I couldn't calm her down, her bottle started to calm her down but then she decided she didn't want anything to do with it. It was sad. I am hoping RSV dies down soon and she doesn't need this shot anymore!


shelese said...

What happened to your reflection post? I enjoyed it :) Shots suck, I feel bad that I have to help hold Addisen down. I guess it is better than getting RSV though.

Cheryl Winkel said...

Poor baby. And poor mommy. When they are little it is painful for both of you. When they get older, they still might find it painful but you get over it.

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Stacey said...

We hope so too! Cause we want to see that adorable little girl at church!

Adam and Rachel said...

Believe me Stacey--I want to see her at church the most! :)

Jonathan and Linsi said...

Caden gets those shots too and they are horrible! I think they must hurt worse than normal shots because he sure screams a lot after them. Being stuck inside is no fun, so it's wonderful that the weather is warming up so we can go out! I'm so happy Zoey is doing so well! It's crazy to think back on high school and how carefree we were and how we had no idea what set of trials was in store for each of us. It's wonderful to know though that we can handle all of it! Zoey is lucky to be in your family! And congratulations on how well she's doing!