Saturday, August 8, 2009


Friday was another amazing day. Zoey has just done so good it is unbelievable! It really amazes me how strong she is. She got her drainage tube out her side, and she also got her IV out that was coming from her belly button. She also needed a lot less oxygen than on Thursday.
After I did my last post, I realized that I had never mentioned that Zoey had never been able to eat. Up until Thursday she had received all her nutrients through an IV. She tries eating with a bottle, but she gets tired. They had to put a feeding tube in because she hasn't been eating enough. It is very common for babies with HLHS to be too tired to eat enough, so the feeding tube is common. They said that we will be coming home with the feeding tube.


Jena said...

She is a strong girl!

Diane Owen said...

If you ever need a break once you get home, I have lots of experience with feeding tubes and oxygen. I have a nephew who was born at 24 weeks and I took care of him a TON when he was little and had a feeding tube for a very long time. I'm so glad she is doing well!