Friday, June 11, 2010

Update with lots of pics!

Here is my much needed update! We have been busy these past 2 months and Zoey has grown up so much! We did go to primary childrens for a check up and we were so happy to hear the doctor say that we wouldn't need to come back until August. When the person called to setup our appointment with me, he said that cardiology had changed the time frame of our appointment and that we needed to come in mid June. We will be going next week for her appointment. In this appointment they will sedate her. She will be getting an MRI and a echo. The MRI will be able to show us exactly how much volume the left side of her heart can hold. This will be the appointment when they decide if her heart has grown enough to have a normal heart. Can I ask for prayers that everything will work out and that the doctors will make the best decision? Thanks! I will be sure to post after the appointment to let everyone know the results.
Zoey is starting to talk a little. I need to get a video of her talking, but it is so random that it is hard to do. She says momma, dada, and hi. She has imitated other words such as shower and keys, but doesn't use them on her own. She also walks with her walker toy. I will need to get a video and post it later.

Here is what we have been up to the past few months!

Going to church for the first time as a family!

Playing with McKenna!


I Want YOU!

Fist time eating solid food! Spaghetti! She loved it! I think spaghetti is still her favorite!

Finding the wipes and pulling them all out one by one-and then eating them! Yuck!

Now for the box of Kleenex! She was not happy that she got caught!

Our LOST finale party! We had pulled boar, mango, pineapples, biscuits shaped like fish (to represent the biscuits Sawyer and Kate ate while they were in the cages), Dharma Root Beer, and homemade oreos (to represent the dark and light/good and evil theme). We had fun with our little finale party! Farewell LOST! Oh and by the way, I know a lot of people hated the ending, but I loved it! :)

Zoey waited until she knew mommy and daddy were not watching and stole an oreo cookie

We went to Bear Lake over Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time! We brought our bikes and rode them around! Zoey loves bike rides!

Went to the man made beach at Bear Lake

The wind started to blow as soon as we got there, so our picnic was moved to the back of our van

Zoey riding some rides at a resturant in Bear Lake

Swimming at the condo! Fist time Zoey had been swimming! She LOVED it!

Went to Grandma Mills wedding! Got a new grandpa! Congratulations you love birds!(Mom, will you email me the pic with Adam in it please? I don't have one)



Melissa said...

So cute! I love your LOST party menu. Good luck with the next appointment!

~Katie~ said...

Hurray for pictures! Thanks a million again for watching the girls! Tuesday was a MUCH rougher day with them. We ended up getting the townhouse that we told you about. And as always, we will be praying for lil Zoey!

Team Beardshall said...

Holy cow, time flies! My fingers are crossed for your appointment for sure. She is a champ for sure, and is a cuttie pie too! Love all the pics!

Kylee said...

Adorable! Good to hear an update. Good luck with the appointment!

Cheryl Winkel said...

Zoey is so darling. I love how she looks in her little red swimsuit. She is growing so well. Good luck with the appointment. Love the pictures. I love to see her smile.

Tiffanie said...

She is such a beauty! Is she going blonde? I will prayfor you guys--what a miracle she has been. How cute is that to have your grandma get married:)